Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year of Going Mainstream

There were some very stunning defeats for the advancement of gay rights this past year. Those hard fought losses make it easy to feel defeated or let down. But this really has been a very remarkable year the gay rights. Of course, I am going to point to the HUGE, SHOCKING Victory in I O W A !

While the fringe on both the right and left were focused on CA and NY and throwing around tons of money to support there cause, a small group of committed couples in Iowa were fighting to gain the right to marry in their state's court. What resulted is something that hardly anyone outside of IOWA (and most in Iowa) saw coming. A UNANIMOUS ruling in favor of gay marriage from the State Supreme Court. The ruling is posted several places here on my blog. If you have not read it -it is worth a read. It is a fine example of great Iowa reason and common sense. As a gay man that grew up in Iowa and followed the states politics from the time I was young I will never forget the morning of the ruling. I was in shock as I read the headline on the Des Moines Register website. Seriously, I sat there staring at the screen in stunned silence with tears in my eyes. It was not until hours later that I even realized it was an Unanimous ruling. Then when I read the entire ruling from the court I had a huge sense of Pride in my home State.

So far, from what I can tell there has not been as big a backlash against the ruling as some thought. Some will try to take the right away but for now I am going to remain proud of the fact that in 2009 History was made when Iowa continuted their long tradition of treating everyone equal.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The administration went before the judge and argued that it shouldn't be required to provide the health benefits because of DOMA (yes, the President was actually using DOMA to get out of proving health care to a lesbian). The administration lost. The judge ordered that the benefits be provided.

2. The Obama administration then went behind the judge's back and told Blue Cross not to give the lesbian wife benefits. The judge then ruled again, demanding that the Obama administration provide the benefits.

3. The Obama administration then ignored the judge and issued two press releases saying they now didn't recognize the judge's authority.

4. The judge has now ruled again. And this time, he's saying that because the administration didn't even bother appealing his ruling - instead they simply issued two press releases late on a Friday (ostensibly hoping the gay community wouldn't notice) - the judge now says that the administration is no longer permitted to attend the appeal before the entire 9th circuit.

Funny (if he is joking)

Senate Healh Care Bill clears final hurdle

Like the bill or not it is historic. After a near record of 24 consecutive days of being in session the Bill passes its final hurdle.

Marriage Isn’t for Everyone

I thought this was an interesting article and sort of wraps up how I feel....

As a bachelor, you can come and go as you want, do what you want, and not have to check with anyone else if it is convenient.

Bachelors, instead of concentrating all their emotional energy on a single relationship, usually develop a network of friends they can rely on for affection and emotional support.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Franken shuts up Joe & pisses of McCain!! Love it!

Health Care Reform

I will be the first to admit that until very recently I never paid a lot of attention to this issue. It seemed like there was a lot of 'hot air' on both sides and at times it was difficult to figure out what was fact and what was fiction.

The past few days I have read and watched a lot more on this topic. What is clear to me now is that the reform we were promised by Obama during the campaign is far, far from what we are going to get - if we get anything at all. Another thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me is that the Democrats what to simply pass a bill - any bill. I am sick of hearing Senator after Senator appear on the news shows and say we need to pass this bill - regardless of how bad it is - and try to build on it or CORRECT it in a few years.

This to me is simply politics as usual. Pass anything so that we don't hurt our standing in the next elections and deal with the "real important" issues later. Why the hell not DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

A few days ago my hero, Howard Dean came out against the bill and said it needed to be re-written, today two powerful Unions came out against the bill. The SEIU saying in part ....

President Obama must remember his own words from the campaign. His call of "Yes We Can" was not just to us, not just to the millions of people who voted for him, but to himself. We all stood shoulder to shoulder with the President during his hard fought campaign. And, we will continue to stand with him but he must fight for the reform we all know is possible.

So far in the first year of Obama's presidency he has not full filled his promises to the gay community and now the AFL-CIO and SEIU unions are saying he is not full filling his promise. It seems the rest of the country is figuring out what many in the gay community have figured out months ago.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

People of the Year!

Recently the magazine the Advocate (which honestly, I had all but forgotten about) came out with their People Of The Year. It is a list of very well deserving, wide ranging group of folks. I have not read the entire list but feel that many very (and I would strongly argue MORE deserving) people were left out. I think it is great to recognize people within the gay community that do great things during the year. But I believe we need to do more, much more to recognize those that are NOT gay but willing to stand up for us! An old wise man once told me "one should not be rewarded or recognized for doing what ought be expected of them" So, with that in mind this would be my list of People of the Year.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled this past summer that not allowing gay couples to marry was in violation of the Iowa Constitution. This of course caused many to demand a public vote or a State Constitutional Amendment. But the Leader of the Iowa Senate refused to have any part of it. (this is the same State Senator that voted for the same law that the Court struck down.


This summer two active NFL players came out in support of gay rights. It got very little attention. But I think it is people like this that the "gay rights -HRC" types should highlight. It is only when we get allies from the straight community that we will ever achieve the rights we so richly deserve. The fact that 2 NFL Football players were willing to stand up and speak out - to me is a big deal.

Baltimore Ravens three-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo came out for full marriage equality, writing in the Huffington Post:

Looking at the former restrictions on human rights in our country starting with slavery, women not being able to vote, blacks being counted as two thirds of a human, segregation, no gays in the military (to list a few) all have gone by the wayside. But now here in 2009 same sex marriages are prohibited. I think we will look back in 10, 20, 30 years and be amazed that gays and lesbians did not have the same rights as every one else. How did this ever happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Are we really free?

Scott Fujita, defensive captain of the New Orleans Saints, supports Ayanbadejo's stance. "I hope he's right in his prediction, and I hope even more that it doesn't take that long. People could look at this issue without blinders on...the blinders imposed by their church, their parents, their friends or, in our case, their coaches and locker rooms. Fujita continued, "I wish they would realize that it's not a religion issue. It's not a government issue. It's not even a gay/straight issue or a question of your manhood. It's a human issue. And until more people see that, we're stuck arguing with people who don't have an argument." Fujita has also endorsed the October 11 National Equality March in Washington.

Given the protective moats of testosterone that surround the locker room, these are gutsy moves.


Leave it to the children to show us the way. This very smart and brave young man gets the issue of gay rights/equal rights like very few adults ever will. His parents also get credit for raising such a great young man.


The state of New York finally brought the issue of gay marriage to a debate in their state senate(if you want to call it that, Only ONE person spoke out on the floor of the senate against the bill) I found the the speeches by many of the speakers to be very moving. It was very disappointing that the bill did not pass. But after watching the following people (and others) speak about the bill I felt great hope that we are making progress, albeit slow and we will someday finally win this battle.

These are just SOME of the people that over the past year were willing to STAND UP AND SPEAK out on the issue of gay rights! Again, I feel the "gay community" does not do enough to thank or recognize those from the 'straight community" when they speak up in defense of the rights of all people -sometimes when it causes them a lot of backlash from those around them.

I have much more to say on this topic and will post Part 2 of this topic tomorrow.

And this guy should get a medal. His line "how do you think I voted at Omaha Beach" is my quote of the year. Frankly, I was moved to tears watching this man from the "generation" that opposes gay marriage speak out so well on this issue.

Kill the Gays!

I watched this early this morning and still can believe what I heard. The video and the idea that some people in this World think it is ok to actually kill people simply because they are gay is more than a little unsettling to me.

Been awhile

It has been a long time since I Posted on here and I guess that is fine since most people don't even know this page exists. I post a lot of stuff on facebook but think I am going to make more of an effort to post things here.