Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year of Going Mainstream

There were some very stunning defeats for the advancement of gay rights this past year. Those hard fought losses make it easy to feel defeated or let down. But this really has been a very remarkable year the gay rights. Of course, I am going to point to the HUGE, SHOCKING Victory in I O W A !

While the fringe on both the right and left were focused on CA and NY and throwing around tons of money to support there cause, a small group of committed couples in Iowa were fighting to gain the right to marry in their state's court. What resulted is something that hardly anyone outside of IOWA (and most in Iowa) saw coming. A UNANIMOUS ruling in favor of gay marriage from the State Supreme Court. The ruling is posted several places here on my blog. If you have not read it -it is worth a read. It is a fine example of great Iowa reason and common sense. As a gay man that grew up in Iowa and followed the states politics from the time I was young I will never forget the morning of the ruling. I was in shock as I read the headline on the Des Moines Register website. Seriously, I sat there staring at the screen in stunned silence with tears in my eyes. It was not until hours later that I even realized it was an Unanimous ruling. Then when I read the entire ruling from the court I had a huge sense of Pride in my home State.

So far, from what I can tell there has not been as big a backlash against the ruling as some thought. Some will try to take the right away but for now I am going to remain proud of the fact that in 2009 History was made when Iowa continuted their long tradition of treating everyone equal.

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