Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gays vs. Democratic Party

It's about damn time that we stop giving money and support to those that are clearly comfortable accepting it while at the same time giving us empty promises. Enough if Enough. 'We' helped get this president and this Democratic congress elected. Along the way we were given promises to end DADT, DOMA and pass ENDA etc. But not only have they not done a DAMN thing on any of this they can't seem to lift a finger or open their mouth so support very important issues in the states of New York, Maine, NJ. Also, when Iowa, NH, VT passed laws to allow gay marriage this President was Silent! The let pass a very important opportunity to move the debate on this issue around the country in a positive direction.

I have long been a strong supporter of the Democratic party. I have given countless hours knocking on doors, making phone calls as well and lots of discussion with friends to get them out to vote. I have served as a state delegate and been on the platform committee, and the central committee. In the past 10 months or so I have replied to every request for money, for me to make phone calls or write letter in support of this or that with...NO, I will no longer support any other cause of this White House /Congress (health care, stimulus money etc) until there is movement on the issues this President promised the "gay community"

(you can click the title to get the article in Advocate)

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