Monday, January 11, 2010

Opening statement

Today the Case for gay marriage began in Federal Court in CA. The trial was suppose to be broadcast on you tube but those supporting Prop 8 sought relief in the Supreme Court to prevent it. The Supreme Court then blocked the broadcasting of the trial until at least Wed.

Regardless, the opening statement is very much worth reading. I can't wait to hear or read more about the trial. The website for American Foundation for Equal Rights was giving updates from the trial all day and assume they will do same during the rest of the trial.

The plaintiffs are two loving couples, American citizens, entitled to equality and due process under our Constitution. They are in deeply committed, intimate, and longstanding relationships. They want to marry the person they love; to enter into that “most important relation in life”; to share their dreams with their partners; and to confer the many benefits of marriage on their families.

But Proposition 8 singled out gay men and lesbians as a class, swept away their right to marry, pronounced them unequal, and declared their relationships inferior and less-deserving of respect and dignity.

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