Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reason to Celebrate!

Recently I have received a little ribbing for my "obsession' with the gay marriage issues/debates that have played out in a few states over the past few months. I make no apologies for paying so much attention to it (watching the debate from the various states on line etc). To me this is a remarkable change over how this issue was viewed just a few years ago. It was not to long ago that I thought perhaps 'we' should re frame the debate over this and call it civil unions, if in fact it was about getting equal rights. But now I am simply amazed at how the landscape has changed, even if it is ever so slight. Of course there is Prop. 8 and other setbacks. Sure I think that Obama needs to step up to the plate and repeal DADT, DOMA. But for now I am simply going to enjoy the landmark cases -both both Order of the COURT AND LEGISLATION! For me this years Gay Pride (which I usually avoid celebrating) will have so much more meaning.

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