Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Then Why the Hell did Congress pass DOMA

If Congress wants to leave this up to the states then WHY THE HELL DID THEY PASS DOMA! It is time that Federal Elected Officials stand up and show some Leadership on this issue!!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Congress should stay out of the gay marriage debate, adding that it isn’t the right time for Congress to decide whether married gay couples should have the right to federal benefits. Her cool approach to the federal role comes as several states, plus the District of Columbia, have moved to recognize gay marriages. “I don’t think the Congress should intervene [in the legalized states] in terms of their recognition of marriages, just as they shouldn’t intervene in New York and their recognition of marriages,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday. Pelosi said that while the House was pursuing a human rights agenda, including last week's passage of a hate crimes bill, the House was not going to address the question of whether legalized same-sex marriages would be afforded federal benefits. “Right now our agenda is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,” she said.

Maine became the latest in a growing number of states and localities trending towards the support of same-sex marriage when that state’s governor signed a bill approving it Wednesday.
But the White house isn’t wading too far into that issue.
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked at his White House briefing, “Does the president or the White House have a reaction to the governor of Maine signing a same-sex marriage bill?”
GIBBS: “No, I think the president’s position on same-sex marriage is — has been talked about and discussed.”
QUESTION: “He opposes same-sex marriage?”
GIBBS: “He supports civil unions.”
QUESTION: “Does that mean that he’s going to say or do anything against what the citizens of Maine did — did today?”
GIBBS: “Not that I’m aware of. I think the president believes this is an issue that’s best addressed by the states.”
But this won’t be the last time Gibbs will be asked about the issue. The Washington, DC Council has approved legislation recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Why does that portend extra attention? Because the US Congress has final say over the city’s laws and we know how vocal its members can be!

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