Thursday, May 14, 2009

We need more than just words

This is fine - BUT it is long past time that Congress do something meaningful with regards to Gay Civil Rights. It is no longer enough to be invited to the party, so long as we write those campaign checks. It is no longer enough to be content with the mere mention of us in a debate or a speech. NOW is the time for those members in Congress & the one in the White House to stand up and Do something! Now is the time. We can no longer sit back and accept the fact that things take time and there is a lot going on in the country. Yes, there is plenty going on in the country. The very livelihood of gay citizens all across the country are at stake. Very brave Americans are being kicked out of the Military. We are about to add the 6th State that will legalize gay marriage. Now is the time for some real leadership on this issue- not just lip service.

Baldwin, Nadler Frank, and Polis Introduce Resolution Recognizing the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall

“The events at Stonewall 40 years ago had a profound effect on how LGBT Americans came to see their struggle for equality,” said Nadler. “Stonewall catalyzed gay Americans – and those who support their rights – into putting gay rights on the forefront, out in the open, unafraid and unapologetic. We have come very far in the battle for LGBT rights and acceptance since Stonewall, but we still have a ways to go. Together, we will keep fighting.” “Stonewall was a moment in time that sparked a movement,” said Baldwin. “We honor all those who stood their ground at Stonewall as we carry on their quest for full and equal rights for all Americans.”

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